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Short Poem about a Short Man

I try not to get fixated

I try not think of him throughout the day

I know it’s unhealthy

However my mind constantly drifts his way.

I wonder how he is doing

If happiness is truly at his door

I wonder if that smile is just a mask

If his heart is actually sore

I Know that he does not

Give my name even a second thought

I Know that he does not

Realize he is the object of my besot

However here I sit, with a stranger forever on my mind

Contemplating his happiness, as if he were actually mine.

I don’t care about his wealth or fantasize about his fame

I care for the man inside, and am indifferent to the character acclaim.

While admiration for his art I certainly can not deny
I want to know man, the heart and the mind.

Better than Slim Shady

Better than Slim Shady

I wake up every day

For that I give thanks to the great unknown

I have happy, healthy children, a job, and a home

I make enough money so that we can get by

I work, I struggle, and my children see me try

I have my dark moments where I wonder why I am here

But then someone yells “Hey Mom” and that reason becomes suddenly clear

No one reads this blog, and yet I still continue to write on for reasons unknown

I suppose this is an open diary to me, a place my thoughts can call home?

Surely you did not think I could be serious for this entire way through?

(Don’t call me Shirley) the real me is about to come out and play for a few

No matter what I think or what it is that I do, at some point in the day my mind turns to you

IS that crazy? Martin Short???Am I really that disturbed?

Or is he such a sexy, comedic genius that I’ve memorized every word?

I have other interests, he is not my only passion, however he is the basis of all my actions

My inspiration, my motive, my hero I suppose you could say

But do normal people want to rip their hero’s clothes off after he saves the day?

Saving the day, that’s what he does for me, and yet he doesn’t even know

That just thinking of a silly line from a movie, puts me at ease and relaxes me so

When the day has been too hard, and life has knocked me down

Just the thought of him, can turn it all around.

He makes me laugh, and is my emotional mental escape.

But ohhhhh the sight of him, leaves my mouth agape.

Ok, I’m ready to wrap this up now,

Mic Drop,

Curtain Call,

time to take my bow.