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Short Poem about a Short Man

I try not to get fixated

I try not think of him throughout the day

I know it’s unhealthy

However my mind constantly drifts his way.

I wonder how he is doing

If happiness is truly at his door

I wonder if that smile is just a mask

If his heart is actually sore

I Know that he does not

Give my name even a second thought

I Know that he does not

Realize he is the object of my besot

However here I sit, with a stranger forever on my mind

Contemplating his happiness, as if he were actually mine.

I don’t care about his wealth or fantasize about his fame

I care for the man inside, and am indifferent to the character acclaim.

While admiration for his art I certainly can not deny
I want to know man, the heart and the mind.

Sexiest man alive

Sexiest man alive

what’s Justin Bieber got that Martin Short does not?

You don’t have to be young and tatted up to be hot!!!!

Nothing is as sexy as that of a funny man

But I guess I am bias, I am his self declared #1 fan

Ill take some age, and the rugged good looks

Marty Shorts the sexiest man alive in my book

I’m just at work, and I’m bored as can be,  so I’m rhyming some words until its time to leave. Home I shall drive, as my children await, 3 day weekend coming up and it should be great. Netflix and jammies, got some relaxing to do, maybe have a bonfire, make a memory or two. That’s what life’s about after all, what you leave behind, and family comes first, gotta enjoy this precious time. So I bid a farewell to the handful of readers seeing my thoughts. Rush hour traffic awaits…its Friday so there will be lots. Marty my dear, if this you should ever see, you are on someone’s mind today and that someone is me. What a ridiculous rhyme I just spewed, how corny am I. Ohhh its 5 o’clock, gotta clock out, see ya folks. BYE.