Three Fugatives

Three Fugatives

This movie, is one of my favorites. Its a 1989 classic in my opinion, Directed by Francis Veber. With Nick Nolte, Martin Short, Sarah Rowland Doroff, James Earl Jones. I have never seen anything so sexy as when Martin Shorts  ear sticks out so oddly in this movie. Is that weird? Like its not bad enough I’m obsessed with martin Short now I have an ear fetish too?  I may need help. But anyway I’m going to roll with it, because its hot and I don’t care what you think. I really think that Marty now, in the age he is could be a great and very sexy leading man. While he’s hilarious as the bumbling idiot, he has a sexy and sweet side too that I wish could have been portrayed in his career.  Why all the characters, I mean I love them, but I think he never got a chance to shine as the man without the mask on.  Look at Steve Carell in Crazy Stupid Love, that role would have been perfect for Marty.  Anyway, enough about me and my delusions, here goes a little insight on Three fugitives. th25FYETDV ps. look at that ear. Makes me wanna bite it

Lucas (Nolte) has been in prison for armed robbery. On the day he is released, he gets taken hostage by Ned Perry (Short), an incompetent, novice criminal who robs a bank (to get money for treatment for his ill daughter, Meg) at the moment Lucas just happens to be there.

Detective Duggan (Jones) assumes they must be in it together and sets about tracking them down. Several chases, an accidental shooting, treatment from a crazy vet who thinks he’s a dog and other capers follow, all the while Lucas trying to ditch his idiotic companion and prove his own innocence.

Whilst avoiding the law, the two form an unlikely partnership to help cure the silent Meg and make good their escape. They rescue Meg from the care home she’s in (with Perry nearly ruining the whole affair with his clumsiness) and flee , pretending to be a married couple with a son.

All appears to end well. However, in the closing scene, Perry enters a Canadian bank to change some currency only to find himself taken hostage by a different bank robber in the same manner he originally kidnapped Lucas. Because of this unexpected development, Lucas does not need to say goodbye to Meg, with whom he has formed a bond.


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