SCTV and Second City


How can you think of Martin Short and not think of SCTV? Sadly, I was not alive for Second City, or SCTV for that matter when Marty was on board. Like I’ve said before I think I was born in the wrong generation. Everything I love from music, to TV, to movies are all generations before me.  We all know Ed Grimley right? He was born on Second City. And didn’t make it to television until 1982 with SCTV, not Saturday Night Live like one would assume. Marty had so many crazy characters while on stage in Second City from 77-79 and then in series 5 and 6 of SCTV. Ed Grimley like I already mentioned and Jackie Rogers Jr, Brock Linehan, Irving Cohen, Lawrence Orbach and I could go on and on. SCTV ran from 1976-1984 and was brought about from Toronto’s Second City troupe.

A typical episode of SCTV presented a compendium of programming seen on the station throughout its broadcast day. A given episode could contain everything from SCTV news broadcasts to sitcoms, dramas, movies talk shows, kid shows, parodic commercials for non-existent products, and/or game shows. Several “shows” were seen regularly on SCTV, including “SCTV News”; the soap opera “The Days of the Week”; late night movie features “Monster Chiller Horror Theater” and “Dialing For Dollars”; and “Great White North” (a show centred around two Canadian ‘hosers’), among others. Many other SCTV shows were seen only once, such as game shows like “Shoot At The Stars” in which celebrities are literally shot at like targets in a shooting gallery, or full-blown movie spoofs like “Play it Again, Bob” in which Rick Moranis as Woody Allen tries to get Dave Thomas as Bob Hope to star in his next film. Episodes would also feature a range of SCTV-produced promos (for imaginary future shows) and commercials, such as spots for “Al Peck’s Used Fruit” or “Shower In A Briefcase”, or a PSA which helpfully describes “Seven Signs You May Already Be Dead”.

SCTV was television gold, and I missed it. Thank GOD for youtube and the DVDS. I now own them all Thank You.

More later, I am at work and the boss is sniffing around. Oh the things I do instead of working….


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