Clifford is my favorite movie of Marty’s. I think this is just because it is something I watched as a kid and it brings me back to my child hood. I am 34 now, and can remember watching this, I can remember the people I was with , and I can remember none of them liking it. I loved it. I loved Marty. This movie was released in 1994, although I believe I read somewhere it was actually made in 1990.  My love, a 40 year old man playing a child. Another fun fact for me, and the era in which I grew up is that Ben Savage was in this movie, and I never knew him as anything other than Fred Savages little brother so it just fascinated me that he was in this. I love the sense of humor portrayed in this film and I love the fact that he, as a 40 year old man played a 10 year old boy. My own son, now 13 reminds me of Clifford from time to time although I have tried to get him to watch the film on several occasions I have not been successful. I actually have the ending of this movie, a scene where Marty sings San Francisco as my ringtone. Excellent movie, regardless of what the critics said. Great job to Paul Flaherty the director and Jay Dee Rock and Bobby Von Hayes the writers, and not to leave out the most important part Marty, well played sir I loved it and I don’t care if it was done 25 years ago.






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