Month: September 2015

Martin Who??

Martin Who??

Who would want to read a blog about Martin Short? Well, I would…. and when I searched for one I couldn’t find one. So here you go world. A blog dedicated to my hero, the funniest, sexiest man alive.. the one and only Martin Short. I guess I could start this off by telling anyone willing to read my jangled thoughts how much Mr. Short means to me. Since I was a child he has held my attention and turned my head. I think even before I was old enough to know what a crush was I had a crush on Marty.

I, as I write this am 34 years old. 34 years old today actually, Happy Birthday to me. I feel like a very old 34 however, as I have no interest in things others my age enjoy. I know too much about SCTV, and Saturday Night Live to hold a conversation with anyone who is “my age”. I can remember being roughly 7 years old when Innerspace came out.  I saw it in the theaters actually. Me, a 7 year old girl begged her father to see this movie, and he obliged having no idea this 7 year old little oddball would from that moment on fall in love with Martin Short. As I got older I still loved that movie, although everyone thought it was Dennis Quaid I loved.

Google wasn’t around back then, I couldn’t go to YouTube and search and spend hours watching SCTV the way I can now, so I became a fan of his early work later in my own life. Clifford, while it didn’t do well in the real world has always been a favorite of mine and I still to this day can not watch the scene “Look at me like a human boy” without cracking up.

So, blogosphere if anyone reads this….Great. If no one but me reads this, then hey at least I have somewhere to get all this information out of my head to???  And Marty if you by chance ever read this I hope you know that you have changed my life for the better and I thank you.    More to Come………..